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Research and Innovations Center

Research and Innovations Center

Bespar Chemi Sepidan Research and Innovations Center

Bespar Chemi Sepidan Holding employs skilled experts in compounds, masterbatch, and rubber at its research and innovation center along with comprehensive and advanced laboratories to improve the quality of its polymer products, answering to the needs of various industries and production and research centers in the country, thus taking an important step in improving polymer industries in Iran.

Services available at Research and Innovation Center:
  • - Conducting identification tests for analysis and specification of basic polymer materials;
  • - Determining the physical and mechanical properties of polymer materials and products;
  • - Conducting various tests including hardness, impact strength, MFI, HDT/VICAT, DSC, and Tensile strength measurement; 
  • - Determining the thermal properties of polymer materials to predict their behavior at different temperatures;
  • - Reverse engineering and analysis for obtaining the basic formulation of polymer compounds;
  • - Preparation of technical datasheet and issuing quality assurance certificate for polymer products;
  • - Providing development approaches for the production of polymer products;
  • - Conducting research and participation in research and industrial projects of various industries;
  • - Providing technical and consulting services for improving the production and quality of products in target industries;
  • - Providing technical solutions for improving production processes;
  • - Conducting specific tests as requested by customers;

The most common uses of tested products

- Construction industry

- Electrical and electronic industries

- Chemical and polymer industries

- Film, packaging and textile industriesi

- Toy manufacturing industry

- Motor vehicle and engine industries;

Equipment Available at the Laboratory:

- Digital three-station softening point measurement equipment

Santam Co. (VICAT/HDT)
• For measuring the temperature range of mechanical and physical properties of polymers with the ability to determine heating rate; • For testing using the following standard methods: HDT: ASTM D648 VICAT: ASTM D1525

- Hardness Measurement Equipment for polymers

• For measuring the hardness of polymers using Shore D and Shore A methods; • The ability to conduct tests using the following standard methods: Shore A: ASTM D2240, ISO 868, ISO 7619 Shore D: ASTM D2240, Iso 868

- Digital Tube Furnace_ Atra Co

• Measuring the smoke and ash content of compounds with the ability to test under neutral N2 gas, temperature planning, and measuring of calcium carbonate and glass fiber content of the ash. • Conducting tests based on ASTM D5630 and ISO 3451 standards.

- Tabletop Color Checker Equipment

Xrite Co
• The ability to color check different color environments, color checking of transparent and back-coated samples, and determination of light transmittance. • For conducting tests based on ASTM D2244 standard.

- Impact Strength Testing Equipment, GoTech Co.

• Measuring the strength of polymers and plastics against sudden impact and forces with the ability to conduct tests using Izod and Charpy methods. • Conducting tests using the following standards: Izon: ASTM D256 & ISO 180 Charpy: ASTM D6110 & ISO 179

- Universal Tensile Strength Test, GoTech Co

• For measuring the mechanical strength of polymers and plastics with the ability to conduct tensile strength, compression, and bending tests. --- test according to the standards: ASTM, ISO 527, and D638

Color matching cabinet

GoTech Co
To visually compare the color of products under standard light sources F, D65, TL84, UV, CWF

Device for determining melt flow index

GoTech Co
To determine the viscosity of the material and consequently the grade of the material plastic, determining the appropriate process for use such as extrusion, injection, etc. --- Conducting tests under the standards: ASTM D1238 and ISO 1133

Device for determining the moisture content of materials

In order to measure the amount of moisture and volatile substances of polymers --- test according to the standard: D789 ASTM

Portable colorimeter

GoTech Co
With the ability to measure color and determine the amount of material color difference---test under the standard: ASTM D2244

Digital scale

with 0001.0 accuracy along with Dunstiyeh kit
To measure the knowledge of materials with high accuracy --- Testing under the standard: ASTM D1505
آزمون‌های مرکز تحقیقات و نوآوری محصول
نوع آزمون استاندارد آزمون
اندازه گیری نقطه واپیچش گرمایی (HDT) ASTM D648
اندازه گیری نقطه نرمی (Vicat) ASTM D1525
اندازه گیری ضریب اصطکاک COF ASTM D1894
تست تنسایل ASTM D638/ ISO 527
تست فشاری ASTM D596
تست خمشی ASTM D790
تعیین سختی Shore A ASTM D2240 / ISO 868
تعیین سختی Shore D ASTM D2240 / ISO 868
رنگ سنجی (در مختصات LAB, L*A*B* , XYZ,L*CH)  با دستگاه Benchtop ASTM 2244
اندازه گیری میزان پشت پوشی (Opacity)
اندازه گیری اندیس ها(زردی ، سف+B14:B15یدی و …)  Yellow index و Whitness value ASTM E313
تست اندازه گیری مواد فرار ASTM D789
تعیین دانسیته ASTM D1505
تعیین شاخص جریان مذاب ASTM D1238 / ISO 1133
اندازه گیری سختی آب TDS
تعیین میزان خاکستر ASTM D5630
تعیین میزان دوده ASTM D1603/ASTM D4218
تست ضربه ایزود ASTM D256
اندازه گیری pH
مشاهده ذرات در میکروسکوپ نوری انعکاسی
تولید نمونه دمبل جهت تست خواص
تعیین دانسیته مایعات با پیکنومتر ASTM D1475