Bespar Chemi Sepidan Holding

Bespar Chemi Sepidan Holding , with the trademark BCS™ is one of the leading industrial groups, focused on an innovative ecosystem for the production and procurement of advanced industrial and engineering polymers. This company started its activities in 2011 by procuring various polymers used in applications such as house appliances, motor vehicles, construction, etc. Gradually, and with developing its trade and marketing research offices in various countries such as Germany, Turkey, China, UAE, Taiwan, India, Serbia, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, and Italy, this company succussed in achieving a prominent position in procurement, production, and innovation in the field of polymer products in Iran.

گروه بسپار شیمی سپیدان

اهداف گروه بسپار شیمی سپیدان

To expand the value chain for the processing of specialized raw polymer materials and additives with high added value, (BCS) has launched several production units for the production of various compounds and masterbatches in the last decade. This production group, with emphasis on the constant development of product quality and expanding its knowledge-based activities, equipped and established a professional laboratory for polymer materials and research and development (R&D) unit in the years 2015 and 2016. In 2021, the merging and development of these organizational units resulted in the establishment of the Compound and Masterbatch Research and Development Center. All these activities have made BCS one of the most effective, professional, and advanced Iranian groups in knowledge-based products with an annual production capacity of 70,000 metric tons for raw material and additives used in various industries . such as house appliances, motor vehicles, textile industries, construction, agriculture, films and packaging, electrical industries, plastic and chemical industries

_ Establishment of Research and Innovation Center

_ Implementation of new policies in the area of human resources, product innovation, and organizational innovation;

_ Strat of the operations for Bespar Rubber Sepidan and Sepid Chemi Parto factory development plan;

_ Establishment of shared workspace;

- Start of the operations for Sepid Chemi Parto factory;

- Establishment of Compound & Masterbatch Research and Innovation Center

- Equipping industrial scale sample preparation workshop

- Increase in the production capacity of Bespar Rubber Sepidan factory;

- Development and implementation of branding and communication roadmap;

- Start of operations of Bespar Rubber Sepidan factory;

- Design, and construction of Compound 3 unit at Bespar Chemi Sepidan factory;

- Establishment of sales offices in Isfahan and Mashhad regions;

- Development of warehouse, and logistical infrastructures at the points of origin;

- Creation and implementation of a 5-year strategic plan;

– ارتقاء توانمندی فنی و ثبت محصولات (Compound and masterbatch) به عنوان محصولات دانش بنیان

- Design and construction of Compound unit 2;

- Development of organizational, marketing, CRM, financial and logistical systems;

- Localization of technical know-how for the production of PP-based compounds obtained from South Korea;

- Localization of technical know-how for the production of the polyamide-based compound obtained from the Netherlands;

- Production of compound and masterbatch for use in household appliances, motor vehicles, films, packaging, and electrical industries;

Sepid Shimi Parto
گروه بسپار شیمی سپیدان

- Establishment of Research and Development Unit;

- Policymaking and design of development projects at production and R&D scales;

- Equipping and establishing a specialized laboratory for polymers;

- Supplying various additives for plastic industries, PVC, dyes, and resins;

- Establishment of production factory for various polymers (compound and masterbatch) by Baspar Chemi Sepidan Co.

- Development of sales capillary networks and market development

  • - Establishment of foreign offices in Germany, South Korea, Turkey, China, India, etc.

    - Establishment of logistical and warehouse infrastructures in Tehran;

  • - Establishment of Bespar Chemi Sepidan Holding

    - Supplying various polymers for different industries;